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1 year ago @ 4:26PM

Winter Sport Tryout/CRU Card Information for 2018/2019

The winter sport season will be here soon!  The following information contains steps that need to be taken so athletes can participate in tryouts/practice. 

CRU CARDS:   If your son or daughter is planning to try out for a winter sport, he/she must have a CRU Card prior to trying out each season.  CRU Cards are given out by the athletic office and are a way for us to track all the necessary paperwork prior to the start of the season.  

Below is a list of requirements that must be completed for student athletes to receive a CRU Card.  CRU Cards are required by the coaches the first day of tryouts/practice for athletes to participate. 


  • Physical dated after April 15, 2018 turned in to the athletic office (physical forms are available by clicking here). 
  • ImPACT Baseline Concussion Testing complete – To be done every other year.  Athletes in all winter sports EXCEPT bowling need to have an up to date ImPACT test.  ImPACT testing will be held on October 9 from 3:15 – 4:00 p.m., October 23 from 7:00 – 7:45 a.m., and October 31 from 3:00 – 3:15 p.m. in the blue computer room at school.  You can go to to sign up for ImPACT testing.  
  • Academic Eligibility & Transfer Eligibility – To be completed by the athletic office.   
  • Register and complete the required “FinalForms” paperwork.  This includes medical information, travel permission, and athletic handbooks.  Access our site by clicking here:   If your son or daughter participated in a fall sport and they plan on a winter sport, please log into FinalForms to make sure information is updated and they are marked down as trying out for a winter sport.
    Some Notes on FinalForms:   If you already have or have had a student athlete at Unity, you are probably familiar with FinalForms.  If FinalForms is new to you, you can check out the Parent Playbook that is on the Unity Athletics website under “Crusader Headquarters” for instructions on signing up.  Your student must log in separately to FinalForms with the email that you use for them.  Please make sure you have your student’s correct email address to make sure that they get the invitation to sign in to read and sign the commitment form.   
    We will also be using FinalForms this coming school year for student information needed in the main office.  When you log into FinalForms for the general high school forms (you will receive a separate email prompting you to do this), remember to use the same log-in that you created for athletics.   


    Once the requirements are met, athletes can stop in the Athletic Office to pick up their CRU Card during lunch starting Tuesday, October 23. 

INSURANCE: Unity requires that all athletes have primary insurance.  Unity offers secondary insurance.  Students whose family does not have insurance or has “My Child” insurance must contact the Athletic Director ( who will provide information about temporary insurance during the athlete’s sport season. 
WINTER SPORTS TRYOUTS:  Remember – if your son or daughter is planning to try out for a winter sport and has not yet turned in a physical to the office dated after April 15, 2018, he/she must do so in order to participate in practice or tryouts.
The first date for tryout/practices for winter sports is:

  • October 29                Hockey (cooperative program with Hudsonville H.S.)
  • November 5              Boys Basketball
  • November 12            Girls Basketball, Bowling, Wrestling
  • November 19            Boys Swimming (cooperative program with Hudsonville H.S.)



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