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Posted 2.0 weeks ago @ 2:24PM

Saderfest Athletics Fundraiser - September 22

Dear Unity Christian Parents and Athletes: 

We believe in the positive impact a coach can have on athletes.  In addition to teaching the x’s and o’s of the game, coaches provide consistency, mentoring, discipline, and faith development.  We have seen how important this mentoring can be for students and how impactful being part of a team can be.  We have an excellent group of coaches who are committed to providing opportunities in athletics for our students.  

Many schools charge fees to participate in athletics.  We are committed to not charging extra to be part of a team.  However, each year we run an annual ‘Saderfest fundraiser in place of charging a specific fee to families.  The money raised during this fundraiser goes to offset the expenses it takes to run an athletic program.  These expenses include upkeep of athletic facilities, transportation, officials’ fees, purchasing equipment and uniforms, coach stipends, technology, rental costs, and much more.  

Although not mandatory, we are asking all our athletes to raise $200 for our annual ‘Saderfest fundraiser.  Details regarding the fundraiser are below.   

  1. Ask parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends if they would like to donate.  The athletic office will do all the billing of donors.   

  1. Complete this online form for each sponsor: 

  1. Raise $100 to earn a short sleeve Unity Christian Athletics T-Shirt 

  1. Raise $200 or more to earn prize tickets  

  • Every $50 over $200 earns an additional ticket 

  • Prizes will be drawn on Friday, September 22 at the ‘Saderfeast event after school.   

  • Prizes will include gift cards, electronic items, and more! 

  1. Raise $350 or more and athletes will receive a Unity Christian hooded sweatshirt. 

  1. Entries are due and should be entered at the link above by 9 p.m. on Thursday, September 21.  If you are unable to complete our online form, please turn in a handwritten form during the day on Thursday.  

  1. Everyone who participates will get to enjoy an ice cream sundae bar, iced coffee bar, donuts and cider at the ‘Saderfeast held after school on September 22 prior to the prize drawings.    


Thank you for your support of Unity Christian High School! 

Jeff Engbers 

Athletic Director 

Unity Christian High School 

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