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Posted 6.0 months ago @ 10:11PM

Spring Sport Tryout Schedule

Spring sports begin on Monday, March 14.  If the weather is warm enough and fields are dry enough, tryouts/practices will be held outdoors after school.  If outdoor practice cannot take place, the following is a tentative schedule for indoor tryouts/practices the week of March 14 (schedule could change due to girls/boys basketball tournament play).

Varsity and JV Soccer (all indoor practices @ 48th Ave)

3/14 3:00-5:30 pm 

3/15 5:00-8:00 pm 

3/16 3:00-6:00 pm 

3/17 6:00-9:00 pm 

3/18 3:00-5:30 pm 


Varsity and JV Softball

3/14 5:00-8:00 pm Oak St 

3/15 3:00-5:30 pm Oak St 

3/16 6:00-8:45 pm 48th Ave 

3/17 3:00-6:00 Oak St 

3/18 JV 5:45 am 48th; Varsity 5:30-7:30 pm 48th Ave 


Freshmen, JV and Varsity Baseball

3/14 FR/JV 5:30-8:00 pm 48th Ave; Var 3:00-5:00 pm Oak St

3/15 FR/JV 3:00-5:00 pm 48th; JV 4:30-6:00 pm Oak St; Var 5:30-7:30 pm Oak St

3/16 FR 6:00-7:30 pm Oak St; JV 3:00-4:30 pm Oak St; Var 4:30-6:00 Oak St 

3/17 FR/JV 3:00-4:45 pm 48th Ave; Var 4:30-6:00 pm 48th 

3/18 FR 6:00 -7:30 pm Oak St; JV 4:30-6:00 pm Oak St; Var 3:00-4:30 pm Oak St 


Track/Golf - Tryouts/practice will be after school unless otherwise indicated by coaches.

Tennis -- Indoor tryouts/practice at Premier Tennis for select players from 5:30-7:00 am on March 16,18, & 23rd.  Other tryouts/practices will be after school unless otherwise indicated by coaches.

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